VPN: just what is it and also what is it for ?

Although it is not something brand-new, it has actually been during the last few years when we have started to hear about VPN connections. A term that has actually begun to sound more strongly after Netflix determined to obstruct its use after finding that some users used them to bypass the geographical constraints of their solution.

However, the reality is that for several years they have actually been utilized in business, a context that currently has also broadened to give rise to various other usages. Yet exactly what is it? Exactly what is a VPN? What can we utilize it for? Today we fix these problems and assess their benefits and also negative aspects.


Before becoming part of higher vicissitudes, we have to comment that VPN reacts to the acronyms Virtual Private Network, a denomination that currently a priori enables us to have a small idea of just what it is: a online exclusive capable of connecting a number of tools as if they were literally in The same area, imitating regional network connections. Virtual, because it attaches two physical networks; And personal, since just computers that are part of a neighborhood network on one side of the VPN could access.


When we connect to a VPN, we will certainly do it using a type of passage, a word that is made use of to suggest that the data is encrypted in all times, from entering till they leave the VPN, and that is executed through various methods Which safeguard them. Currently, there is an exemption with PPTP – it utilizes a combination of insecure algorithms like MS-CHAP v1/ 2-.

What our system will certainly do when attempting to visit a page is to encapsulate the request as well as send it over the Internet to our VPN service provider. This will certainly de-encapsulate them by following their usual course: they will certainly exit through your network router and, later, the packet will be forwarded.


Utilizing a VPN means that we can access basically any kind of part of the network with no type of geographical limitation, no matter where we literally locate ourselves. The reason? That will allow us to access via a number of servers located in an additional area of the globe aside from the one that we are.

The safety and also privacy are various other points in its favor, especially if you have to send out or receive delicate info across the network. And while we can constantly opt for proxy solutions as well as tools that hide the IP of our gadget, by choosing a netflix vpn we are preferring to develop a safe and secure link in between the computer system as well as the server.

Already in a much more service context, it makes it possible for a firm’s staff members to remotely access their networks and servers without jeopardizing protection. Another of its merits is that these are not extremely expensive services and we even discover options that are worth it free of charge.

Lastly, they are easy to use, allow us to connect as well as disconnect conveniently at will ( as soon as set up) as well as works with several applications by transmitting all Internet traffic.

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